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George Rousos

Director & Training Consultant

About George

George has a simple philosophy in life: Choose your attitude! Anyone who has ever dealt or liaised with George whether in person or over the phone instantly recognise that warm glow and ever present smile George brings to any professional or social situation. George is the founder and Director of Industry Training Consultants and believes the only way we develop ourselves is through adopting a positive attitude towards continuous learning. George always encourages, that by learning something new everyday in our life allows for continuous improvement and far greater success.

George has over 10 years of private education experience working in such positions as; McDonalds Head Office Australia Field Trainer for New South Wales and MWT Australia Training Manager. George is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent, with over 15 years of volunteer experience. He is an avid industry observer, who draws upon his years of experience in course development and is often seen working closely with both consumers and property agents to improve knowledge, skills and practice in identified areas of marketplace concern.


Bachelor's Degree, Vocational Education and Training
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Certificate IV in Property Services Real Estate 
Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
OHS Consultation Course NSW


Mentoring/Workplace Personal Development Strategies
Small Business Finance
Human Resource Management
Apply digital solutions to work processes
Cyber security threat assessments
Build client relationships and business networks
Identify risk and apply risk management processes
Develop teams and individuals

You can contact George on 0416 297 197 or email [email protected]



Chris Bretherton

Marketing and Business Consultant

About Chris

Chris is dynamic and dedicated professional who specialises in, business management, marketing and communications and graphic design.

Chris has years of marketing experience working in such positions as a Marketing Coordinator for real estate agencies, Sales Representative for Newcastle Herald, and Assistant Manager for local business across the hunter. Chris is also a Freelance Graphic Designer and business planner for local businesses.

He is commercially minded and focuses on business development and economic growth of your business.


Certificate IV in Small Business Management
Certificate IV in Marketing & Communications 
Certificate IV in Graphic Design


Establish leagl and risk management requirements of small business
Apply knowledge of WHS legislation in the workplace 
Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
Plan & manage small business finances and operations
Develop Public Relations Documents
Apply Digital Solutions to Work Processes

You can contact Chris on (02) 4001 0128 or email [email protected]


Iolanda Gow

Real Estate Consultant

About Iolanda

Having been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and running her own successful business for 13 years, Iolanda now offers her real estate consultancy service to assist other real estate agencies through the ever-changing ways in the industry.

Holding the team's hand when required and giving them support, particularly around their property management departments.


Diploma in business - Real Estate Management
Class 1 Agent - Sales or Leasing 



Manage operational finances in the property industry
Manage compliance in the property industry
Establish and monitor property industry trust account management practices
Manage people performance
Manage employee relations
Coordinate remuneration and employee benefits
Manage business operational plans
Manage a safe workplace in the property industry
Develop a strategic business plan in the property industry
Provide leadership across the organisation

You can contact Iolanda on 0400 494 639 or email [email protected]


Peter Hogan

Real Estate Consultant

About Peter

Peter Hogan has managed, supported and mentored businesses, people, clients, customers and suppliers for over 40 years. Peter knows the key to managing a successful business is good policies, good procedures and a will to implement and follow them. We have all learnt about the importance of developing good habits – good habits will come from good procedures. Peter knows every business needs a plan to be successful. Business plans include (among other things) marketing, recruitment, training, sales, services, compliance and budgets.These processes can be daunting in themselves, however, a well developed and transparent set of policies and procedures will take the mystery out of those fundamental parts of your business. Peter believes in the power of empowered people and will help you put your team in the best position to take them and your business to the next level.

As well as a successful career managing people, Peter is also a licensed Real Estate Agent, Stock and Station agent and Auctioneer and also has a certificate IV in training and assessment. Whether you are an individual or business manager call Peter and find out how to take you and your business to the next level. The key to ensuring success of a business plan, at every stage, is to take the mystery out of the fundamental parts. This includes empowering people with the knowledge and skills that will make your business shine. With over 40 years experience managing, supporting, and mentoring businesses, people, clients and suppliers, Peter Hogan has helped countless businesses take the guess-work out of change. Starting with good procedures which then lends itself to good habits (both internally and with a client-base), Peter will guide you through your business plan and give it the best chance at success.

Peter knows that the centre of a business is its team, and his extensive career spanning many industries has taught him how to help your greatest asset reach their full potential. Whether you’re an individual embarking on a new venture, or a seasoned business manager who needs targeted mentorship, give Peter a call to find out how he can take you and your business to the next level.


Certificate IV in Real Estate
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Class 1 Agent – Auctioneer
Class 1 Agent – Sales or Leasing
Class 1 Agent – Stock and Station


Property Management
Strategic Planning
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Transactions
Commercial Real Estate
Business Development
Business Management
Project Planning
Account Management
Project Management
Property Auctions
Land Acquisition
Contract Negotiation

You can contact Peter on 0419 449 649 or email [email protected]